WELDON Factory

      WELDON was established in 2006 by Weldon, At the beginning, we mainly sold advertising products, but we face many problems, such as quality, delivery time, etc.

      Later, by chance, we bought our first CNC punching machine, At that time, we could only do some simple product processing, but we guarantee the quality and delivery time,Slowly we continue to upgrade and optimize. At present, we have a factory building of 7,000 square meters, nearly 30 imported equipment, and the most advanced sheet metal production technology. Made by WELDON Trustworthy.

Factory Layout

Production Workshop


Sample Room

Assembly & Packaging Workshop


Laser Cutting Machine

      WELDON has two precision large imported laser cutting machines,Laser cutting enables high precision (+/- 0.1 mm) and saves time.

Bending Machine

      WELDON have 5 imported precision bending machines and many ready-made bending dies, which can save customers a lot of time and costs.

Deburring Machine

      After the blanking is completed, there will be some fine burrs on the surface of the product. WELDON has a deburring machine that can easily remove the burrs. The surface of the product will not be scratched, making it safer and more beautiful.

Vision Detector



      Dimensional inspection of sheet after laser cutting.

Punching Machine

      WELDON owns an imported CNC punch machine, We also have many ready-made molds for punching, shutters, convex hulls, etc. The ready-made molds can be used by customers for free, saving mold costs.

Welding Machine

      Welding means welding the parts together is a very critical step. It requires the precision and firmness of the packaged product size. Usually during welding, we will do a lot of welding tooling for positioning to ensure that the size meets the requirements. A wide range of welding techniques is available, including spot welding,stick welding, MIG, and TIG. We will choose different welding methods for different products.

Pipe Bender



      Some of our products require round tubes to be properly bent, so we greatly increase our production capacity with this equipment.

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