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Net Weight


Drop Port

Corresponding Size

Front panel
Stainless Steel/Galvanized Sheet
Letter drop port
Newspaper  drop port
diameter: 95mm
Back box
Letter pick-up drop port
Newspaper pick-up drop port

2.Constituent part:

·Front panel

    On the one hand, it can beautify our mailboxes, and on the other hand, it can cover the connection between the box and the wall to protect the mailbox.

·Back box

    The mailbox body is divided into upper and lower layers; the letter receiving room is at the top, and the newspaper receiving room is at the bottom, and the two room are not connected. At the same time, the overall height of the upper layer of the box is 65mm higher than that of the lower layer, so it has a larger storage space; the back of the letter port is equipped with a pick-up door and keys, but the newspaper drop port is not.


(1)Setscrews + nut + washer

    These accessories are placed in the cartons of the panel and the box respectively, which can be more convenient for customers to distinguish and install. There are many small holes on the plate extending around the box, which can be used to fix the box on the wall, fence, etc.


    There are four fixed screws on the back of the panel. After one-to-one correspondence with the holes on the back box, nuts and washers can be used to fix it, so that the back box and the panel are connected.


Our mailbox’s letter room is locked by keys to keep packages safe. Every mailbox is equipment with 2 regular keys.



It is used to tighten the screws with the nut.


(4)Installation instructions

If our customer needs it, we will put the general mailbox installation instructions in the product for customer reference.


    After receiving the product, the customer found that the panel and the box were placed in two different cartons. The advantage is that the customer can match the mailboxes of the same size by themselves, and different materials and colors are available.


    After opening the package, please note: there are corresponding accessories in each package, please check it.


    First of all, choose the space that can meet the installation according to the size of the cabinet in advance. After the back box is placed on where it needs to be installed, you can fasten the cabinet and the connection with multiple setscrews.


    For the panel, first check whether the letter board has been installed on the panel. If not, the customer needs to install it. After the completed panel corresponds to the hole position of the box body through the 4 screws on the back, put washer and nut in from the other side and tighten.

In this way, the brick mailbox is installed.



     The installation is firm and equipped with a key. For outdoor mailboxes, please notify the courier in advance to put in the important documents from the letter drop port.

·Easy to install

    Please refer to the installation manual, we can easily complete the installation.

·Large capacity

    There is almost no wasted space in the entire mailbox, and the size of the box is the maximum storage size.



    The customer can choose stainless steel or galvanized sheet with powder coating, it depends on customers’ requirement. Of course, SS304 front panel with galvanized sheet back box is also allowed.



    Galvanized sheet with powder coating mailbox can choose different colour, our regular color is white, black and gray, others need to meet our MOQ.


(3)Back box length:

    We can make the back box into an extendable style to deal with thicker walls and adapt to more situations.


(4)Front panel  opening

    We can also design the mailbox of this style to be opened from the panel, and also need to add a lock on the panel.


·Front panel

    The front panel is first packed in PE bags, then put into two pieces of custom-made square foam, wrap the panels completely and put them into cartons.

·Back box

    The back box is also packed in PE bags first, and then put into a carton box surrounded by foam.

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