How to install a parcel box?

Installation Instruction

一.Installation style:

1.Free Standing style

      The four holes connected to the ground in the parcel box are all at the bottom by internal expansion screws,and parcel box bottom has a certain height,which can ensure that the packages at the bottom maintains a certain distance from the ground,it can prevent water from flowing into the parcel box from the bottom to damage the package.

2.Wall mounted style

      The holes connected to the wall and the fence are located on the back of the parcel box……

二.Accessories and tools

Our accessories packages:



①4*expansion bolts

      Our regular size is M8,the length is 8 cm and the thickness is 8mm,and the maximum outer diameter of the casing is 12mm.


      It is component by washer,bolt,screw nut and casing.

Effect comparison:

      It can be seen from the above pictures and videos that the casing of the expansion bolt will move in the direction of the screw nut because of the constant force, causing the casing at the bottom to be continuously stretched by the screw nut and tightly reinforced with the surrounding.


      The size is φ22,it is used to be installed on the bottom holes of the cabinet,to make the bottom flat and prevent the goods drop into the holes.


      Our parcel box is locked by key or code,they are both need our keys to open.


      We have three kind of locks for choice: key lock,round code lock,square code lock.

key lock:

      Key lock is our regular lock.The number on keys means that this key can only open NO.238 lock.Each key is marched with corresponding lock.

Round code lock:

      The round code lock is a three digit password and without keys.Tuning to the correct password can open the lock, and the initial password is 3 zeros.

Square code lock:

      The square code lock is a four digit password with keys,and the key is used to open the lock when you forget the password.The initial password is 4 zeros.


①Impact drill

      Requires an impact drill to drill the marked point.The correct diameter and depth is very important,for our regular M8 size expansion bolts,the size of the drill diameter bit is 8mm, the length of the hole to be drilled is about 85mm.


      It is used to tighten expansion bolts.After the expansion bolt is placed in the parcel box and connected to the ground, it needs to be tightened with a wrench to achieve a fixed effect.

③Marker pen

      It is used to mark the hole.After removing the parcel box, you can drill holes in advance according to the hole position, which is convenient for later installation.

三.installation steps

1.Check the cabinet

      Before installing the parcel box,check the cabinet surface and the accessories first when you open the package,check if it is damaged or lost.Please contact us asap when you find problems.


– Determine the fixing position (wall, concrete floor) ,Please try to fix parcel box on a flat floor or wall


– Put the parcel box on the desire position


– Open the door with the key, find the bottom plate hole


– Mark the punching point by marker pen

– Move the parcel box away from the marked point

– Drill the hole by impact drill,please note the hole diameter and size

– Put back into the parcel box


– Drive in expansion bolts,and use wrench to tight

– Press the plugs to keep cabinet bottom flat


– Lock the door by key


– Install finish

      After completing the above steps, try to push the box by hand to check if it can shake.If any position shakes, just continue to tighten the expansion bolt at that position.

We have taken a Youtube video for watching:

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