Apartment Brick-in/Fence Mailbox


  • Customizable: Our mailbox is very popular in Australia, the main reason is that we support customized services, including style, materials, color, back box length and opening method, etc.

  • Anti-theft: The installation is firm and equipped with a key. For outdoor mailboxes, please notify the courier in advance to put in the important documents from the letter port, it can avoid stealing packages.

  • Easy Installation: The front panel and back box are placed in two different cartons. The advantage is that the customer can match the mailboxes of the same size by themselves, and different materials and colors are available. Then refer to the installation manual, our clients can easily complete the installation.

  • Large Capacity: There is almost no wasted space in the entire mailbox, and the size of the box is the maximum storage size.



Product size

Net weight


Mail slot size

Front panel

 910*550 mm


Galvanized steel

 325*30 mm

Back box


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