Detachable Parcel Box

    It becomes more and more normal that people need a package delivery box to receive their packages. Receiving packages has became a part of our life now.

    For our customer, the  sea frieght is  too high so that they want to put more products into the container. So we decide to design a new style parcel box, it has same product size with other parcel box, but the package size is nearly smaller a half.

    We choose to divide the parcel box cabinet into the upper and lower parts, the upper cabinet part is small in size, the purpose is to fit inside the lower cabinet part. This is the mystery of our detachable parcel box.


  • Product Size: 410*440*870 mm
  • Net weight: 18.7 kg
  • Material: Galvanized Steel
  • Max Parcel Dimension: 325*290*200 mm
  • Package Size: 470*500*630 mm


①The new design

    As development of parcel box, more and more people have their own  package delivery box, and they want the parcel box to meet not only the normal function, but also the beauty. So the new design parcel box emerge continuously.

    We always try to innovate and support OEM/ODM services, the new design is born everyday, like the different styles, waterproof design, anti-theft design and so on.

②Reduce package volume

      Because the sea freight is too high for customers to accept recent years. Many wholesalers, importers chose to wait the freight down. Some importers can choose to wait, but the others importers need to get the new order to sell, they have to improve the product price or reduce their profit to sell; because of the expensive sea freight, they both will affect the sales situation.

    So if you have ordered a 40HQ container, you must want to put full of the container with more products.The 40HQ space is fixed, so it is necessary if can change the product package size.

    How to change the package size? Our answer is temporarily modify the product size and restore it when you need to use it, this process will not affect using.


    For our regular parcel box, we choose to use PE bag to pack the parcel box first, then put the parcel box into the paper carton; better package is using bubble bag to contain parcel box first, and use the foam corner to protect the cabinet in carton to avoid damage.

    But the detachable parcel box have three parts: the door,the cabinet head and the cabinet body. The door is package by PE bag; the cabinet is package by bubble bag, put them both into cabinet body, then use the foam corner to protect the cabinet in carton.

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