Modern Smart Metal Wall Mounted Parcel Drop Box With Combination Lock


  • Weatherproof: The parcel box is made of sturdy galvanized steel with a powder coating finish, which make parcel box corrosion-proof, and the anti-water struction against rain and wind.

  • Anti-theft: The parcel box is equiped with code or keys lock and metal cabinet body together, can avoid stealing packages.

  • Easy Installation: The holes connected to the wall and the fence are located on the back of the parcel box. In addition, our accesories included expansion bolts, to help fixing the parcel cabinet to the wall or fence to against bad weather and theft.

  • Rich Styles: The parcel box can install at the porch, ground, wall or fence to receive various couriers and packages. It is suit for people who receive many packages in daily life not at home.

  • Small Size:  The wall mount parcel box size is generally small, so it doesn’t need to ocupy too much space.


Product size

480*250*710 mm

Net weight

13.7 kg


Galvanized Sheet

Max parcel size:

390*190*120 mm

Regular color


Package Size

520*290*750 mm


Rustproof, Waterproof

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