What is waterproof parcel box?

Waterproof parcel box

     Gradually,the waterproof parcel box becomes the basic requirement.As an outdoor using product,not only keeping the packages secure,but also ensuing the packages complete/intact.

一.Reason(Why we choose waterproof?)

      The customers usually install their parcel boxes simply,like standing near the door,or wall mounted on the wall/fence.Actually,it is a common installation style,but it will expose the parcel box to the sun.


       Just imagine it,when your packages arrives, the courier puts the packages in the parcel box and leaves.When you not at home and the non-waterproof parcel box is outside,a rainstorm comes,all the plants, the road, the benches are wet after raining,and your parcel box.The water tries all kinds of ways to get into your parcel box, soaking your packages.


     After you getting home and opening the pick-up port,it is so bad to get the wet packages.

wet packages


1.Keep the packages dry

      Occasionally,important packages (like documents, electronic devices, etc.)are delivered to the parcel box, but they are very afraid of water. The waterproof parcel box can guarantee the dryness of the express delivery in the parcel box even the heavy rain and strong wind outside, which is also an important reason for its popularity.

2.Modify the structural design

      For parcel boxes, customers are more concerned about whether the appearance of the parcel box is beautiful,the basic functions can be realized (such as with a separate envelope delivery port), and whether the stored packages capacity can meet the basic needs, etc.


      Therefore, the most parcel box will not be complete sealed.So We choose to modify the structural design of the parcel box,to change the top cover and inner structure.

3.Extend usage life

      In order to reach waterproof, not only the structure is adjusted, but also the surface of the parcel box is additionally treated.Our surface treatment is powder coating.The surface-treated makes product more beautiful and can be selected in various colors, it also can effectively protect the internal metal sheet plate material, reduce the possibility of corrosion, and greatly extend the usage life of the product.

三.Adjustment(How to meet the function of anti-water?)

      For the parcel box,different positions made different adjustments,to basically meet the raining under any situation.

1.For the top opening parcel box, modify the structure of the top cover.

 ①Extend around the top cover ,to completely cover the surrounding cabinet.

 ②Change the top cover from the previous horizontal design to tilt from the front to the back, so that the dripping rainwater to flow down from the back of the cabinet .


2.For the front opening parcel box, add a waterproof groove.

      It can prevent rainwater flowing into the box through the delivery port.

3.For the delivery port,add a water guide groove.

      Heavy rain and strong wind may cause part of the rainwater to enter the parcel box through the gap around the door, but after water entering the water guide groove, it will flow to the lowest bottom and drain out of the parcel box.


4.For bottom,lift height;add plugs.

      By lifting the height can slow down the flooding.

      And the mounting holes at the bottom of the parcel box are equipped with 4 plugs,to prevent water overflowing into the box from the bottom.

四.Waterproof test

      A test: put a waterproof parcel box on the flat table,then put the dry package and paper towels inside,watering the parcel box after close all the delivery ports and pick-up ports.

1.Top watering

      It simulates the situation that rainwater drips from top to bottom and hits the parcel box.

2.Frontal watering

      It simulates the situation that the rainwater with strong wind to hit the parcel box.


①Top watering: Water flows down the side of the cabinet

②Front watering: Water flows to the bottom of the waterproof groove

③package and paper towels:  Keep Dry

Waterproof Test Video

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