WDPB-8 New Parcel Box Upgrade

8-small comparison

      WDPB-8-small is very popular with all over the world people in recent years,because of its’ small and convenient body,it doesn’t need to take up too much space,installation is also very easy for clients. WDPB-8-small belongs to wall mounted style,fit by 4*expansion blots to connect the wall with the parcel box.


      Because of the wdpb-8 is the earliest parcel box we produced,the construct designed before seems a little backward at the present time.As the development of parcel box,we realize more function and more reasonable design.So we decide to update the wdpb-8 product to meet more needs.

Many-sided comparison

1.Outer compare:

①Product size and weight

     By the list data,we can find the new one nearly keep the same size with old one,they are produced by the same thickness metal material.But the new one is more weight than old, because we add the strengthening rib to increase the hardness of the parcel box pickup door.


      The old one: PE bag + Outer carton


      The new one: Bubble bag + Foam corner + Outer carton


      We use more foam to protect the parcel box,the new packaging’s behavior is very good,but it isn’t suitable for Nation that focus on environmental protection.Actually our two kinds of packaging can both protect the product very well.


Top cap structure:

      The old parcel box’s top cap is horizontal,and is connected with parcel box cabinet by two hinges.A hinged connection will result in a gap between the top cap and the cabinet,on the one hand,this is not beautiful,on the other hand,it will lead to rainwater infiltration.

      But the new one modify the structure of the top cover,not only extending the top cap to completely cover the surrounding cabinet,but also changing the top cover from the previous horizontal design to tilt from the front to the back, so that the dripping rainwater will flow down from the back of the cabinet.And we also changed the connection way between parcel box top cap with cabinet,we began to use the riveting process,it’s easier and more convenient,also reduce the parcel box wasted space.  

Pickup door:

      The new parcel box’s pickup door looks more larger than the old one,the door size changes from 380*380 mm to 400*400mm,because for the same model parcel box,we want to increase the packages pick up size as much as possible.

Surface finish:

      We use our consistent powder coating process in order to prevent rusting,and we support many kinds of color for choice.After powder coating, we can ensure that the surface of the box will not directly damage by weather influence,and it can also beautify our parcel box.


      We still retain 4 holes on parcel box bottom,although this style is wall mounted model,install  standing on the ground or porch is also supported.

2.Inner compare:

      When you open the parcel box top cap and pickup door,you will see the different between the new and old one.

①top cap

      When you lift up the top cap,the old parcel box has better wrapping effect for packages,it can greatly protect the packages when the thieves try to put their hands into the cabinet,but the new parcel box removes the protection when packages delivery,it makes the new parcel box have more bigger packages delivery size.


      In fact,our most clients want to get a small parcel box with big volume receiving packages capacity,and we have taken that to the limit.

②water guide groove

      The old parcel box basically don’t have any waterproof effect,the packages maybe will get wet after heavy raining,it is not a good experience.The new parcel box has added the water guide groove,when the rainwater entering the water guide groove,it will flow to the lowest bottom and drain out of the parcel box,matching with our new waterproof top cap,it can meet all the waterproof requirements of customers.

③Strengthening rib

      The new parcel box add the strengthening rib to increase the hardness of the pickup door,this is also the performance of improving the anti-theft effect.


      On the basis of the original product,the new parcel box has added the function of waterproof,enlarged the packages delivery and pickup size,strengthened the overall hardness of the parcel box body,and the anti-theft effect is about the same as before.


      In view of more practical needs,we will recommend the new wdpb-8 parcel box to our customers,because it greatly improves the experience.

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