What is anti-theft parcel box?

Why we need an anti-theft parcel box?

      Please look at a set of data first about the United States.In fact,it’s more common that packages lost on porch,this is a serious issue in America.In the last year,1 in 5 Americans expressed their packages are stole.The majority of package theft occurs in their apartment or community,and they lose an average of $150 every year, what’s worse is that 30% victim didn’t receive any financial compensation.


      In fact,apartment and communities could receive as many as 500 packages per week,especially packages will increase during the holiday,it means at least 100 pieces packages have been stole.And more package deliveries typically mean more package theft.

anti-theft data

      After package theft,some consumers said that they have reduced some online purchase,but it isn’t a good way to prevent the packages lost,because online shopping is so convenient and popular for us.So most people decide to keep  purchasing and spend more time on ensuring the packages safe.


      According to the survey,64% of consumers said they have changed the arrangement so that they could receive the packages at home,even though they don’t know the exact time of couriers arrive,and many consumers even leave work early if they are expecting packages delivery.


      25% of consumers choose to call their neighbors to receive the packages on behalf.It means that you need a good and free neighbor.However,this option of receiving package is not suit for everyone.Please also consider for you neighbors.

      Probably the best way to protect your packages without lose is to get a lockable cabinet,which it can be installed on a front porch or by an entryway where packages are usually left and allows couriers to open it and put packages safe inside.So the rest of consumers choose the parcel box.

What is parcel box?

      Parcel box is a simple and secure way to receive your packages when you are not home.The parcel drop box is designed to accept multiple packages,removing the stress from online shopping.They are manufactured by high quality steel material,the parcel box is finished with powder coating.Fully anti-theft,durable and weatherproof.


      Anti-theft parcel box can help to store a lots of packages.It allows couriers deliver package safe, it’s lockable and it only can be open by owner with keys or code.The couriers open the delivery port, place the packages inside,then the packages moves into the storing room,which with an anti-theft construction,keeping your deliveries safe and secure.And while your return,opening the pickup port by using your keys or code and get your packages.

anti-theft parcel box

Why our parcel box theft-proof?

1.Durable sheet material

      Our metal sheet material thickness is normally from 0.6 to 2mm,but can also be modified according to customer needs.For our commonly used thickness sheet plates material, it can not only ensure that the parcel box is not easily damaged during normal use, but also reduce unnecessary costs.

2.Inner anti-theft structure

      Through years of development,Weldon has designed and produced all kinds of parcel boxes independently,which can basically meet various requirements of customers,including the most important anti-theft design.By exploring and improving theft-proof structure,we not only do not affect the delivery packages size and delivery method of the packages,but also ensure the safety of the packages to the greatest extent.


      The pickup door of the parcel box is usually locked by a key or a combination, and it is not easy to be damaged. Therefore,the anti-theft delivery port design is our goals,and it can still keep function normally (including protection) without affecting the delivery method and package size. After seeing the parcel box, the thieves can only try to steal the packages inside the box body through the delivery port by hand.


      This is the original part of our inner structural design. When the delivery port door is opened,the courier placed the packages on the partition;after closed the door,the partition will be folded,then the packages will fall into the storage room below.Thus,thieves can be prevented from stealing the package by hand or tools.

3.Install style

      Whether you choose a standing floor or wall mounted parcel box, we use 4 expansion bolts to connect the box to the ground and the wall,to ensure that the parcel box is completely fixed and will not be easily moved.The inner expansion bolts are well hidden in the wall or the ground, and the customer needs to remove it later without damaging the box.

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